Why is this revolutionary, patented glass chairmat a must for your office?

Beautifies any Office

Clear, beveled, quality, elegance – compliments office furnishings.

Lasts Forever

Never needs replacing, saves money.

Ergonomic Benefits

Relieves back and joint stress from difficult rolling and caster indentation.

Protects Your Flooring

Carpet and hardwood stay new and never wear under glass chairmats.

Effortless Rolling

Desk chairs glide, no more pushing or tugging on thin vinyl mats.

Green Product

Made from silica sand and recycled glass, not a petroleum product.



Clearly Innovative Glass Chairmats

A Beautiful lasting piece of furniture. Not an office supply item you buy, wear out and throw away.

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For more information on Clearly Innovative Glass Chairmats, take a look at our frequently asked questions.

What Our Customers Say

  • I have spent well over $300 over the years buying standard office chair mats at chain office supply stores which only last a couple of years at most. I just decided to go for the gold and purchase one of your glass models. I can honestly say that the product I received from you is doing a wonderful job and is absolutely functioning beyond my expectations.

    W.E. Johns
  • We currently have 4 of your glass chair mats in our office and we couldn’t be happier with them. They add a really nice professional, sleek look to our workspace(s). They are very well made and durable enough for our everyday foot and chair traffic.

    Greg Delia , Gryphon Advisors
  • I always went to the box stores and purchased a plastic mat but I’m a big guy and the wheels of the chair would sink into the mat and before long you couldn’t move the chair. I love the new glass mat I purchased from Clearly Innovative.  It looks great and am sure will last a lifetime. Worth every penny they ask for it.

    Eric Moore
  • The glass chairmat is working out beautifully! We have gone through many plastic mats over the years some only lasting a month, but your glass mat still looks brand new after six months of daily use. The beveled edges make a very nice transition with the chair wheels easily gliding from carpet to mat. I am very pleased with your product and would recommend it to anyone.

    Tom Foster
  • As a software developer, I can easily spend 10-12 hours a day behind a computer. I used to have pain in my back and my arms on a regular basis. That doesn’t happen anymore. I can’t even begin to say what that means to me – it is a quality of life improvement that far exceeds the cost of your product. I would also say that it matches my office nicely and that I’m extremely pleased with it. The product delivers 100% and it’s true quality. There aren’t too many products that can say that anymore.

    Howard Heart
  • I am extremely pleased with my new glass mat. I wanted something that I could put over a beautiful oriental rug that was clear and not opaque, allowing me to see the rug. Your glass mat accomplished that perfectly. Additionally, with the thick, hard surface, the mat is really easy to roll around on and I don’t find my chair sinking down into the rug. Thanks for the good product and thanks for the great packing you did for shipping.

    Bill Bachand Mr. Bill Presents, Inc.

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